If you ever go to Dhaka City of Bangladesh, then visit or go shopping in the Bashundhara City. It is the name of not just any mall, but this shopping mall ind Dhaka City consists of 2,900 shops and is about 20 floors tall. This is the name of the largest shopping mall in South Asia. Also buy from traders on the streets and shops in other parts of Dhaka. Money changers addresses you find lower on this page.

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Dhaka City has a few market centers like Lakshmi Bazar, Shankhari Bazar, Tanti Bazar, Patuatuli, Kumartuli, Bania Nagar as well as Goal Nagar.

Shopping in Dhaka City
Aside from the sightseeing in Dhaka City, shopping is part of the to-do list. We go shopping because we want to buy some mementos and souvenirs from the journey. In Asia, Bangladesh and Dhaka City of course you want to get some great bargains when shopping. It may be jewelry, ceramics, perfume for your wife or toys for your kids.

There are things you must remember especially when there might be a language barrier. In Dhaka most sales personnel can speak English and understand it. Their English might not be faultless, but friendly.

It is always good to learn the local language or dialect and greet the sales clerk with few words. You can choose a certain item which you like and try to ask in the local dialect for the price. If you don't understand what the salesperson is saying to you, you can let him/her write it or gesture that you would want to see the price in writing and offer a pen or paper for that matter.

It is advicable to shop with a credit card in order not to bring large amounts of cash. Remember that when you do street shopping few shops or traders do not accept credit card but accept cash, so you should bring a little cash.

Practice on your bargaining skills. It is normal in Dhaka City to strike a bargain when buying stuff. To avoid conflicts you should not bargain about a product, if you do not intend to buy it. The seller will most likely get insulted and probably get angry with you. When you state a price, make sure you got enough cash if the seller agrees to it so you can pay for it.

Traveling and shopping in Dhaka can be quite an exciting experience and a memorable one too.
We especially recomend buying clothes or apparels, as textiles are very cheap in Dhaka City, Bangladesh.


Artisti Collection Ltd.
NWJ 2 Kemal Ataturk Avenue, Gulshan, Dhaka
Tel: 9883422

Rapa Plaza, Dhanmondi, Dhaka
Shop 113, Rifles Square, Dhanmondi, Dhaka.

Grameen Shamogree
Grameen Bank Bhaban, Mirpur 2, Dhaka
318 Sonargaon Road, Hatirpool, Dhaka.

55/3 Karnaphulli GArden city, Kakril, Dhaka.

House 95/F, Road 5, Banani,Dhaka, Tel: 8822493

Plaza Centrel
Plot 22, (2nd Fl), Gulshan 2, Dhaka

Sopura Silk Mills Ltd.
House 7, Road 4, Dhanmondi, Dhaka

House81, Road 6, Block 6, Banani , Dhaka.

Money Changers

Avia Money Changer
51, Motijeel, Dhaka,
Tel: 9560852, 9560862

Bushra Money Exchange
Dhaka, Sheraton Hotel, 1, Minto Road, Dhaka
Tel: 9347933, 8312375

Capital Money Changer
Z-Shah House, (3rd Floor)120/A, Motijeel, Dhaka
Tel: 9562476

Diamond Money Exchange Service
Dhaka Sheraton Hotel, Dhaka,

Federal Money Changer
2, RK, Mission Road, Motijeel, Dhaka,

Good Will Money Exchange
Land Vew Shopping Complex, 28, Gulshan, North C/A
Gulshan-2, Dhaka,
Tel: 8815702, 9881965

National Money Exchange Ltd
Taranga Complex, 19, Rajuk Avenue, Dhaka
Tel: 9561274, 8312807

Omni-Bureau DC Change
Dhaka Sheraton hotel, Dhaka,